How We Do It

This is our sample schedule for a typical executive search:

  • 1. Requirements Gathering. The detailed specifications of the position is discussed personally with the client or is e-mailed or faxed to us by the client.

  • 2. PROFINDER is used to browse the database for all potential candidates that fit the specifications given by the client. The resumes are reviewed to determine the skills and relative experience of each individual. Notes are also discussed specially if the individual was previously interviewed for another company. If the position is for a Senior Managerial Level, an advertisement in one of Toronto‚Äôs leading newspapers will be made if there is no potential candidate in the database.

  • 3. A personal interview is scheduled with the candidates to screen them and check on their availability. The requirements are discussed including the salaries and benefits that they desire. Two to three references are also asked for checking.

  • 4. From the candidates interviewed (usually 10-15 people), one to a maximum of four best candidates are chosen and the resume(s) together with a one page summary for each candidate are then sent by e-mail or fax to the client.

  • 5. Once the client signifies its intention to interview the client, an interview time and date acceptable to both parties is arranged.

  • 6. If the candidate is successful then ASA Systems Technology Inc. will assist in making sure that all the requirements needed by the client prior to hiring the individual are met. Normally, ASA Systems Technology Inc. conducts the reference checks but if the client wishes to check the references on their own then the references previously given by the candidate is provided to the client.

  • 7. If the client prefers, ASA Systems Technology Inc. will be the one to discuss the offer made to the successful candidate.

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