We believe that setting up goals for a company is very important. These goals are meant to be achieved. Here we present you the two main goals of ASAST:


ASA Systems Technology Inc. is able to reply to a fulltime requirement within 2 weeks (A Senior Managerial position can take up to 2 months in which case an advertisement in one of the leading newspapers of Toronto is done).

There should be at least 2 candidates submitted to a particular request and generally, we will not submit more than 4 candidates for each position.


Customer Satisfaction is ensured by ASA Systems Technology Inc. For every person successfully placed, a guarantee is provided in accordance with the agreed upon time with the client. This means that we conduct reviews with our successful candidate and client personnel on a regular basis to check on the progress of the assigned work and making sure there is a good relationship going on. We measure and guarantee success by making sure that there will be a repeat order from the client. This will indicate that the successful candidate was the right fit for the request at the required time frame.