Business Process Outsourcing

  • • Amidst the current economic situation and the need for many companies to review their operations in depth, understand their core competency and focus only on their competencies, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is fast gaining as a strategy to gain leverage.

  • • US and European companies have turned to offshore processing from locations such as India and the Philippines and this has been made possible with the advanced technologies developed in the late 1990’s and the present.. These include high speed document scanning systems, document imaging software, integrated document management systems, web-based application tools and other state of the art call center equipments together with declining cost and greater availability of telecom connectivity.

  • • The substantial advantages for BPO includes: drastic cost reductions in labor; large resources of highly-educated , English speaking assets; huge reduction in turn-over rates; and an estimated 40%-60% reduction in operating costs.

  • • ASA Systems Technology Inc. have established a tie-up with a huge offshore conglomerate in the Philippines to help in increasing its current service expertise and delivery capabilities for offshore BPO services.

  • • The company utilize and operates a fail-safe network connecting all of their production sites with more than 2,600 computers and scanners linked to the US and Europe through multiple redundant international private leased lines for fail-safe operations to move data and dictation to and from the US and Europe. With the growing business volume, they have expanded their international private leased line capacity to two (DS3) 45 Mbps pipes direct to the US and they expect to double this capacity within the year.

From simple data encoding and offshore programming work in the past, the company’s projects have evolved into the more complicated and higher value-added multi-media conversions such as imaging, medical and legal transcriptions and abstractions, and contact center operations. The company’s group production centers has a total 4,000 regular employees in sixteen different networked sites supported by leading-edge software technologies and methodologies enhanced by in-house developed software innovations. Recently, the group implemented its own web-based application tools to support its medical transcribing operations. The locally-developed application was field-proven and tested to enhance the medical transcriptionists productivity and at the same time increase the quality of their output. It is also applicable in industries such as medical, legal, real estate, credit, and research (survey) conversion operations.

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