Any Client may require that ASAST provide any of the Services, by issuing a Notice of Assignment in writing to ASAST, setting out a brief description of the Services, the timeframes, the Rates and any other requirements of the Client for the Assignment.


Upon review and understanding the requirements of the Client, ASAST will meet/call the Client to clarify issues. The Client may require ASAST to review a specific project for the purpose of ASAST providing the Client with a description of the skills required and the estimated duration of each position required to achieve completion of the proposed Assignment within the time frame specified by the Client. An estimate, if requested by the Client will be prepared by ASAST in the manner requested by the Client and at no cost to the Client. ASAST may propose the inclusion of a contingency sum in the estimate referred to in the Assignment to address the degree of uncertainty and/or risk elements the Vendor assesses in the Assignment. The Client will not be obligated to accept either the estimate or the proposed contingency sum or alternatively can negotiate the amount allocated for contingency or redefine the work to mitigate/eliminate the elements of uncertainty in the project/task definition.


  • • The Client and ASAST will enter into a Service Level Agreement after agreeing on the requirements of the Assignment.

  • • ASAST provides and maintains an updated repository of skills and experiences of the resources needed for the Assignment. All resources are either previously known to ASAST or are screened thoroughly via personal interviews and telephone reference. Trainings are conducted to provide the resources updates on the newest technology on the market and special courses are also provided to upgrade their technical skills.

  • • ASAST will submit the resumes of the qualified resources to the Client for review. These resources are either full time employees or Consultants of ASAST. If needed, ASAST will also use other resources as sub-contractors if they are needed for the project. A personal interview will be set up for each resource with the Client and the Client will decide who will be working for the Assignment. ASAST will establish the required processes to ensure the appropriateness of proposed personnel for the different Assignments.


  • • Weekly Status meetings will be conducted to determine the status and progress of the Assignment.
  • • Monthly and periodic status meetings will also be conducted to check on the performance of the resources.
  • • In any event of any dispute/s, ASAST shall make the necessary implementation activities to settle or resolve the disputes.
  • • ASAST will also ensure that technically sound solutions are provided to the Client.
  • • ASAST will also support improvement and usage of best practices.
  • • ASAST will provide training to its resources to make sure that they are introduced to new and latest technologies.
  • • ASAST will monitor and meet Client expectations.