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If a consultant has been identified as a placement that is not working out, they will be removed in a professional manner. If required they will be removed immediately or if the client requires a wrap up or hand over period then this will be conducted professionally. A replacement will be made available immediately. If dealing with a situation of client dissatisfaction every avenue will be explored, so as not to expose the client and appropriate action will be taken at the correct time.


  • • ASA Systems Technology Inc. uses PROFINDER to categorized our consultants by skills, level of experience, availability, previous employer, salary range, etc...

  • • PROFINDER is a powerful Windows-based search engine software that browses our consultants' information database and generates customizable reports to fit with the needs of our account managers to search and match the right consultants to the right clients.

  • • This powerful software also links all the necessary documents about a specific consultant, i.e. resume. It also keeps track of the date when a specific consultant's information was last updated. This will help the account managers to know who among their consultants need information update.

  • • Another significant feature of PROFINDER is flexibility. Since it is a Windows-based software, powerful and ease of use features of Windows are enjoyed by the users. As a known fact, technology is rapidly changing. With today's generation, it is important to invest in a software that can cope up with the changing technology; that can keep its functionalities and has a room for customization. PROFINDER meets them all.